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Machines, production lines and equipment

Concrete spreaders

Use: A concrete spreader is employed to cast concrete into the shuttered pallet. A special pouring system doses the concrete uniformly within the required product contours and at the correct thickness. Depending on the required level of automation, the concrete spreader is available in both manual and automatic versions. They can be equipped with smoothing equipment for the creation of a high-quality surface of the product, or other additional equipment.

Prestressing technology

Our scope of business: We supply installation components, machines and accessories for prestressed concrete production in the factory, i.e. design, calculations, production, installation of abutment anchor posts, transverse anchor plates and auxiliary steel structures, including deliveries of complete hydraulic systems, i.e. detensioning cylinders, single-wire stressing jacks, etc. Since 7/2009, we have supplied fundamental prestressing parts of our own production, in particular a complete series of 500 kN – 5000 kN detensioning cylinders including hydraulic accessories, bracing collars, and detensioning pump units, as well as hydraulic distributors and control systems.

Tilting tables

Use: Tilting tables are designed for the fabrication of reinforced large area concrete products of varying dimensions and configurations or more elements with smaller dimensions at once. The formwork is horizontally mounted on the table, filled with concret and compacted with high-frequency vibrators. After curing of the concrete mixture the table is hydraulically tilted vertically up to 72°, to facilitate product removal in the correct position for transportation. The tilting table table is tilted by two or three telescopic hydraulic cylinders. The dimensions of the table are according to the requirements of the client within the range 3x7 to 15x4 m. It is possible to join the tables together to produce greater concrete products.

Concrete buckets

Use: Buckets for concrete mixture (CM) are used for the transport and casting of the concrete mixture into production lines, molds or into formworks.

Transport of concrecte throug rollover buckets

Use: Rollover buckets transports the concrete from mixing plant to the casting stations of a precast factory.